Helpful hints


Helpful hints with an application


One application per adult  

Each adult intending to reside in the property must complete an application.


Be prepared

In preparation for submitting an application form it is beneficial to have all of your documentation ready. That way, if you would like to apply for a rental property that you have inspected you can submit your application form as soon as possible.


Please note: You can register and prepare an online application (via 1form), or you can print an application form.


Ensure you have the contact details for your referees ready and advise them to expect a call. Possible referees may be your manager, current agent, etc. 



You will be required to provide 100 points of identification.


Current Driver Licence                                                  50

Passport                                                                           50

Birth certificate                                                               50

Current payslips (minimum 2)                                     20

If new job – letter of confirmation incl. salary           20

Other photo identification                                            15

Bank statement                                                              10

Medicare or credit card                                                 10

Utility account                                                                 10




Cover letter

The extra effort of a cover letter explaining why you want the property and why you would make a good tenant will assist with the owner approving your application. 


Reference letters

Any written references you include will be beneficial (from previous agents/landlords, employers, etc).


Rental History 

A rental ledger from your current agent will show your payment summary.


Payslips and bank statements  

As proof of employment, income, and show ability to pay the rent.


Please Note

We require all applicants to inspect the property in person before submitting an application. When circumstances prevent this we also allow you the option of sending someone on your behalf. Unfortunately if you do not meet this criteria we cannot process your application.


It is important to be prepared to pay the first month’s rent, the full bond, and sign the lease agreements within 48 hours of your application being accepted.