Maximise your bond


When you vacate, the property should be in the same condition as at the start of your tenancy, which is detailed in the original ingoing condition report.


The costs of any repair work for damages will need to be resolved before your bond is released.


Follow the below checklist to maximise your bond:



  • All doors, ceilings, walls, floors, skirtings, window ledges, and tracks must be washed and free from marks, dust, cobwebs, finger marks, etc.

  • Windows should be cleaned both inside and out (where accessible) and left free from dirt or streaks.

  • Do not remove picture hooks from walls.

  • Cupboards should be cleaned inside and out.

  • Clean heaters, air-conditioners, and ceiling fans.



  • Clean inside and outside of all cupboards and doors. 

  • Clean inside, outside and around stove. 

  • Clean inside and outside of oven, griller, doors, trays, racks, glass. 

  • Clean inside, outside and behind refrigerator and dishwasher and microwave space. 

  • Clean sink, especially drain holes, drainers and tap ware. 

  • Range hood exhaust and filter‐ filter can be removed and cleaned. 



  • The shower recess, bath, sinks, toilets, cupboards, exhaust fans, drawers, and mirrors must be cleaned thoroughly, with particular attention paid around tap handles, drains, and toilet bowls.

  • Ensure there are no traces of hair, soap residue, or mould.

  • Shower screens and curtains should also be thoroughly washed.



  • Carpets must be professionally steam cleaned by a reputable company who provides a receipt. Recommended carpet cleaners can be organised through our office



  • Light fittings must be cleaned and cobwebs removed both inside and outside the property (where accessible). You need to replace any light bulbs that are not working.

  • Drapes are to be washed or dry-cleaned according to fabric. Rubber-backed curtains are to be dry-cleaned only.

  • Blinds are to be cleaned and in working order. Any broken chains or clips that need replacing can be purchased at hardware stores (like Bunnings).



  • Remove all rubbish from the yard (i.e. garden waste and car parts, etc). Mow lawns and trim the edges as well as fence lines. Weed the garden beds.

  • Remove all cobwebs (where accessible).

  • Clean walls, floors, and doors.

  • Clean any oil/grease stains from driveway, carport, and garage.

  • Replace any ripped insect screens.

  • Empty council bins.

  • Return pool to condition on the condition report.



  • Ensure all items are clean and are located in original rooms as per Inventory list.