What makes us different?


Our Director, Daniel Davis, is a fully licensed agent and will be managing your property. He is your first point of contact.


We specialise in investment property management.


We only service a select portfolio of clients, to ensure we deliver a first class personalised service.


This is not just a job for us, we care and are conscientious.


We understand having one person, our Director, overseeing all facets of property management is extremely beneficial to the landlord.

As such, you will not be dealing with new property managers all the time.


We enjoy problem solving and have vast experience in negotiating positive outcomes for our clients.


We will always represent you, listen to your needs, and provide recommendations that allow you to make the best decisions.


We are proud to provide a service that is proactive and efficient with an emphasis on strong client relationships based on transparency and accountability.


We are easily accessible by all methods of communication.


We work in partnership with property specialists who provide investor advice.  Should you require any advice in taxation, accounting, investment planning, depreciation schedules, or financial brokerage we can easily arrange an appointment with the team at Monaghan, McLean & Co.


A Service Guarantee is provided.